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Holistic, wholeness, health, and holiness all come from the same linguistic root. Utilizing a great variety of modalities, I connect an individual’s life threads and help them re-weave their web of wholeness & wellness. Drawing from many schools of thought and years of experience, I developed my own concept of teaching life skills and holistic awareness. I call the foundation of my work The Holistic MobileTM.

Each of us is like a beautiful mobile with five elements hanging from it: Body, Mind, Spirit, Soul, and Social Self*. Whenever the wind of life touches one of these elements, all the others start moving, too. I mentor my clients about The Holistic MobileTM and its importance for a life lived in wellness. The inter-relatedness of these 5 elements in our existence provides us with invaluable resources to positively effect all aspects of a healthy and thriving life.

Drawing from a deep basket of tools, I help my clients learn to be Whole. I offer practical guidance into true self-sustainability — mentoring You into knowing yourself on a much deeper level.

You will understand how You ‘operate’ as an entity, based on your expanded holistic awareness. It is an empowering and creative process, facilitated by the mentorship between You and Me.

“I love what I do, because by facilitating
self-empowerment and creating personal wholeness,
You and I enhance the wholeness of the world.
Wherever You are in life...I will meet You there!”
                                                                                          Siljoy Maurer

*What I mean by Social Self are all the social aspects of your life, all your relations or absence thereof: your intimate, familial, friendship, neighborhood, professional, and religious relationships, as well as your communication and boundary skills.

“It’s been said that when someone is a master at their work that the effort is invisible. That there is a smoothness, a grace to each movement, whatever tool they use. That is really my experience in large part in your care. I can't really say how the steps were taken. I only know that the results were achieved. Those results are excellent and the journey was completed.”
                                                                     Richard B., 61, Tucson, AZ

Principles of this Holistic Life Mentor

The Universe is benevolent & abundant.

Energy follows our thoughts – learn to think wisely.

True kindness with your Self opens the gateway to healing.

All is connected. Ignoring that means suffering.

Get to know your intuition. Then follow it.

Think beyond… respect… risk to trust…

… dare and be powerful.

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